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Unified Garlic & Onion Broth…

Unified Onion & Garlic Broth…

4 Cups of water
1 Tbsp of coconut oil
1 Medium onion – sliced
8 Cloves of garlic – sliced
2 Tbsp of Sofrito
1 Tbsp of Olive Juice
1/2 packet of Sazon
1 packet of broth – depending on the type of fast wild determine your choice

Put coconut oil in a soup pot & render the onions & garlic until soft or translucent… Then add the water, sofrito, olive juice & broth packet… Stir & bring to a boil… Strain the broth if you’re doing a liquid fast but if you’re on a Daniel fast you’re welcome to serve & eat the onions & garlic or serve on brown rice… Enjoy!!!